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Join date: Jan 18, 2021


Roles i’m interested in.

Castings can be of high or extreme low status. High status roles such as prison govenor, detective and matron. In contrast low status such as working in services or homeless.

Spotlight Actor and Equity Member- Recent credits include ITV’s ‘The Bay’ and EMU productions ‘Medusa Deluxe’.


Goals for 2021.

1st AD has assisted on two LFI Films ‘AS’ and ‘Evac’. Goal is to consolidate learning by assisting on one more in 2021.

Director has directed x1 LFI film in 2020 and numerous theatrical and spoken word monologues in 2020. Goal is to direct a short film in 2021.

Editor. Currently exploring online courses. Goal to observe the editing process in 2021.


‘this most of all; ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: Must i.........

Rainer Maria Rilker

A credited TV, Film and stage actor and a budding stage and screen director.


Having gained a diploma in Soeech and Performance from trinity college Michelle went on to study Mask and commedia de’l art as well as undertaking continuous training in voice and screen and then theatre directing.

Current study inclues accent work and psychophysicality.


Michelle is a Registered Nurse and a registered director with ‘THREE CHIMNEYS ENTERTAINMENT’ who are in the early stages of producing their first feature film.

Facebook- Michelle Parker

Twitter- Mich_parkerX


Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker

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